Welcome to the Auditor Oversight Commission Internet Site

The Auditor Oversight Commission (AOC) is responsible for the public oversight on the Wirtschaftsprüferkammer (WPK), the German Chamber of Public Accountants, and all auditors associated in the WPK.

According to the Public Accountant Act, the oversight of the AOC covers all remits of the WPK in relation to those members, who are entitled to carry out statutory audits or who do so de facto without being entitled.

This comprises the following areas:

  • professional examinations
  • aptitude tests for qualified auditors from abroad
  • licensing of public accountants (Wirtschaftsprüfer and vereidigte Buchprüfer)
  • licensing of audit firms
  • revocation of licenses
  • registration of public accountants and audit firms
  • disciplinary oversight
  • external quality assurance
  • adoption of professional rules

The AOC is the competent authority for the organisation and performance of inspections of audit firms of public interest entities.

The AOC cooperates in case of cross-border oversight proceedings concerning statutory auditors with the relevant authorities abroad.